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  • DISCOVER | SKAFF Photography travels with us


    Hello all, ✈✈✈ Today we’re going to travel far far away with the great photograph Aurélien Ernst from Skaff Photography. To introduce him a little bit more: Passionate by Street Art since his youngest age, Aurélien Ernst founded in 2010 SKAFF, which is a private label specialised in street photography and street portraits. After capturing street […]

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  • DISCOVER |Estonian nature by Kristoffer Vaikla


    Hello all, This is not the first time I’m telling you about Estonia, remember the post about Tallinn ? (If not, no worries here it is 😊). Today we’re going back there through the amazing photographies of Kristoffer Vaikla. These photos helps us to clearly realise how beautifull Estonia is really. The Estonian nature is pretty different from the […]