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Hello everyone ! ❤

It was a busy creative week-end for us. We finally found out how to realize a cute crochet bikini and we decided to share this DIY with you. It doesn’t look like we really need a bikini right now (aaah Belgian weather ☔) but we’re already ready for when the sun will be here ! This DIY is not really difficult but it required basic crochet skills. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry will share other DIY that will be better to start with.


First, create a chain with 11 stitchs, then make the first row with double crochet which is the basic stitch.

_MG_5589 but when you’re done with this first row instead of doing a second row as you would do it for any other crochet work just keep on doing the first row on the other side of the chain you started with. (see the photo below)

_MG_5590 Your first row will be officily done then. We can consider it as in two part.


After this, make a  chain stitch and keep on going with double crochet. When you will arrive at the end of the first part of the row, make 3 doucle crochet in one stitch to get the triangle shape. Do the same every row until you’ll arrive at the size you need.


Your first bikini cup is ready ! To make it prettier add a row of shell stitch all around it. Do another same exact one.


Now you need to make them be together. For it, make a row of double crochet joining them. To get the correct shape, I skiped a stitch on two. Which in the end reduce the number of stitch to half.
For the bottom of the bikini top, you can choose to use the stitch you like the best. I decided to make 3 row of stitch “filet” and a row of shell stitch.

Now, we are ready to make the back. Create a new chain of 22 stitchs but directly connected to the rest of the bikini top.
_MG_5607 _MG_5608

Make two row of double treble, then add another little chain of 30 stitchs with the first row of it.


For the straps, make two braids long enough and fix then to your bikini top. Here we are, you’re ready to take a bath in the sea or simply sunbathing


The advantages of the DIY is that you are still super free to use the change little details and make it really unique and your own.

I hope it has been clear enough but please don’t hesitate to ask any question if at some point the explanation were a bit blurry 😊

Share the result with us ! 🎈



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  1. Wauw ! Je vais essayer. Je suis sûre que en blanc il serait tout aussi beau ! Nice post 😊 J’en veux encore !

    1. 😄 Merci beaucoup, On en prépare plein d’autres, promis ! Montrez nous le résultat 👙👙👙 Nous sommes curieux de le voir en blanc

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