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Hello all, ❤

Today we are in a deco mood. I don’t really know if it’s because the sun is shinning or just because we feel like it but anyway we spent the all day (or almost) on Pinterest checking what will be our futur decoration atmosphere ! A lot is going on in the decoration world, and it’s pretty hard to choose and make decision on which style we want for our interior.
So we made a selection of our 4 favourites deco style that you can find nowadays ! Hope you’ll enjoy it, it’ll help you, and pleaaase let us know which one is YOUR favourite 😉

Urban jungle

To feel wild even inside


Countryside Chic


To go back in time


Scandinave Pastel 


To feel peacefull and calm


Boho Style 


To warm up eveything up.


As a little reminder, I’d like to add that luckily a Pixwap fits everywhere 😉 In a Urban jungle, Boho style, campagne chic or pastel scandinavian atmosphere ! And even in other one. Don’t hesitate to send us a picture of yours in your decoration style, we’ll share it in our social network and you can help to inspire other peoples 😊

You can also take a little look at our Pinterest board “Decoration Inspiration” to find other ideas to decorate your home !



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