The best Photos from National Geographic Photo Contest 2016

Hello all ❤,

It started in september 2015 and have now more than 13 000 participants ! I am of course talking about the famous National Geographic photo contest 2016.

The aim of the photo contest it’s to have a clear overview about how looks the world today ! Wether it’s the people who are living in, or the animal or just the amazing landscape you can find. National Geographic would like to inspire, light up and teach their readers with these picutes. And I can tell, it works well ! It’s heartwarming and catchbreathing at the same time.

The website created specially for the contest is turning into a magical place full of amazing pictures made by professionnal or amateur. You should maybe take your chance 😉 The contest it’s until the 27 of May and you can win a 7 days Polar Bear Safari for two 🐻 !!!

At Pixwap, we made a little selection of our favourites pictures of this year so far !  What do you think about them ? Pretty anwesome right 😉

“Into the Wild” ©Yonatan Souid
“Darkness and Light” ©Vanessa Hirsch
“The Agora” ©Arno Maetens
“Childhood” ©Wing Ka H.
“Motovun” ©Katica Kapulica
“Surrounded By Nature” ©Tobias Hägg
“Kumamoto aso volcano” ©Naoto Yoshidome
“Fauna” ©Emilio Barillaro
“A Waddle of Penguins” ©Robert Strzepek
“Empire State Building” ©Harold Schock
“A foggy day” ©Andreas Dengs




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