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At Pixwap we love to travel and we are planning on sharing with you our most amazing trip destinations. We already made an article about the lovely Lisbon (remember 😉 ?) but today we are completely changing of style and we will make you discover Tallinn. For those who skipped a few geography classes in high school, Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, the most northen one among the 3 Baltics states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, a little tip to know how to put them on a map, they are in alphabetical order 😉)

I guess it’s probably a bit surprising to find an article about this completely unknown city but this place is a secret diamant to discover 😍

You will immediately fall in love with the city and therefore will be surprised by all the things it is offering to you.

I hope to convince you now about planning your next citytrip to Tallinn. To help you out, we made a list about the 9 most important things you have to see when going there.

1. Raekoja plats, the Town hall square
In the heart of the old town (which in the Unesco world Heritage Sites list since 1997), this square is a must see and as it is a central part it is not possible not to pass trough. While you’re there don’t forget to stop by at III Drakon and try their soop and little pastries. Super yummy.


2. Linnahall

It’s a concert and sport hall which has been built to host the Moscow Olympics game of 1980. Without being the prettiest place ever, Linnahall it’s a must see in Tallinn. Here you can chill, make a barbecue, watch the boat coming back in the harbour…


3. The Alexandze Nevsky Cathedral

This is the orthodox cathedral in the Tallinn Old town. It’s a typical Russian Revival Style and if you are like me and before going there you’ve never seen an orthodox church you definitly have to see it. It’s pretty different from most churches we can find in the western europe.



4. The 3 views points of Tallinn

While you will get lost in the Tallinn Old town, try to find this 3 views point (toompea), you can see from there all Tallinn. Really beautiful 😊



5. Estonian Colorfull Bulding

Another typical thing about Estonia, is the color you can find on the building, it’s really charming!



6. Pirita Beach

In Tallinn, you also can find the Baltic sea ! In the winter time some crazy people are having fun crossing the iced sea by car to join Finland. But you can make it safer and just have a bath in the summer time 😉


7. Telliskivi, Creative city

It is one of the nicest districts in Tallinn, really closed from the train station and the russian market. Telliskivi is an unique and special place where a lot of cultural events are happening ( Tallinn music Festival, Tallinn food festival and so on) You also will find the flea market there and multiples of amazing restaurants like F-hoone, Pudel Baar, Lendav Taldrik…


8. Patarei Prison

Located in the Kalamaja district of Tallinn, Patarei is a former soviet prison which has been closed in 2004. Now the place is hosting cultural events like the exposition “Earth without Art is just Eh” and you can visit it in the summer. The place is really interesting but also pretty scary. You can the conditions in which the prisoners were living and it feels a bit like being in The walking dead sometime. 👻


9. Aegna

Aegna is an island 40min away by boat from Tallinn. If you’re going in Tallinn in the summer, you definitly should go for a day on the island. You will feel completely cut of from reality and discover a really lovely place where nature took back all its rights.



I really hope we convinced you to choose Tallinn as your next holiday destination! Let us know which number of the list you’re the most curious about 🎈


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  1. I recognise my friend’s writing and also your talent ! Your photos are amazing! I wish I went there last year! xxx

    1. We’ll go back there together ! Thanks Marly xxx

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