Installation guide: how to build your Pixwap frame


Today we are making a tutorial to help you with the installation of your brand new Pixwap Pack. You’ve just received it and you are excited to see it hanging on your wall? This tutorial guides you through every step of the installation process and we promise you that it’s both FAST and EASY!

Step 1: Open your Pixwap Pack

First, carefully open your Pixwap Pack and place the content on a flat surface. We recommend using a table but maybe you prefer the floor! Beware that the frame parts have fairly sharp edges. They ensure perfect corners after assembly of your Pixwap Frame but until such time: be careful and make sure not to cut yourself.

Here’s the content of your Pixwap Pack:

  1. One Pixwap Installation Manual
  2. Four Pixwap Frame parts
  3. Four corner clips
  4. Sixteen screws
  5. One Allen key tool
  6. One or more Pixwap Canvases
  7. Two L-shaped nails
  8. Two “L” screws
  9. Two plugs


Step 2: Assemble your Pixwap Frame

Now assemble the Pixwap Frame parts perpendicularly by inserting the corner clips in the profiles as shown below and click on the clips one by one.


To finalize your Pixwap Frame: fix the frame parts by slightly tightening the sixteen screws with the Allen key tool. Make sure that all 4 corners form a perfect and solid straight angle. 


Step 3: Fit your Pixwap Canvas

Unfold your Pixwap Canvas and position it on your Pixwap Frame. Fold the silicon strips inwards and place them into the grooves of your frame, starting with the four corners. In order to properly fix and tension your Pixwap Canvas, the silicon strips must be pushed fully into the Pixwap Frame.

Hint: if your canvas seems to be too large for your frame after you’ve inserted the four corners, then you probably folded the silicon strips outwards!


After the corners are done, it’s time to slide the remainder of the silicon strip into the grooves of the frame. Place your thumb on the canvas in one of the corners and slide it along the edge of the frame. Repeat this along all edges and you will be ready to admire the result!


Step 4: Place or hang your Pixwap Frame

We decided to simply place this one on the chimney but your Pixwap Pack includes all materials you need to hang it. With a hammer, fix the two « L » shape nails at the spot on the wall where you’d like to hang your frame. Be sure to put the frame onto both nails to ensure full stability. If you’d rather drill, be sure to use both “L” screws as well as the plugs provided in your mounting kit. Make sure your frame is hung correctly on the wall and admire your photo with your friends and family!


Step 5: Change your Pixwap Canvas

Ok, now it’s been already 2 months that you have the same photo on your wall ? You’d like a bit of change and action in your decoration ! PERFECT, Pixwap can help you with that. Order another canvas on our website  and swap it with your former one.


To remove the first canvas, push it on the back with your thumb. And then follow again this 🙈: ”

Unfold the canvas and position it on the frame. Fold the silicon edges inwards and place the canvas into the grooves of the frame, starting with the four corners. This is the best we can give to you, you’ll see that doing that it’s really easy to swap your canvas !

Then slide your thumb on the canvas along the edges of the frame and make sure that it’s fixated perfectly.”


Find here our installation manual that you received with your order 😉

You have now all the keys to build your Pixwap like a pro ! Send us picture of the result we want to see it ! 📷 😃


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